Hidden Brains Celebrating 12 Years of Excellence & Innovation


The journey started on 1-July-2003 with a five-member team of technopreneurs and a dream to deliver next-generation technology solutions.  From a team of 5 to nearly 375+ employees today, the Hidden Brains journey of growth has been truly inspirational. Now Hidden Brains offers a complete range of enterprise IT services to more than 31 industry domains worldwide from Application Development, Enterprise Mobility, Cloud Integration, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Embedded Services and IT Consulting.

Hidden Brains: Path-breaking Journey

Over the years, we have developed a unique way of doing differently. It’s how we envision, collaborate, and deliver business value. Hidden Brains is committed to achieving excellence in quality and this aspect…

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Big Data and Predictive Analytics: Hope or Hype?

Predictive analytics is not a new phenomenon. It has been in existence for decades and finally coming of age. Businesses across the globe are looking to use this technology to predict trends and understand user behavior for enhanced performance and improved bottom-line results.

And with the advent of big data, this method is now growing at a rapid pace.

Businesses collect voluminous customer data and predictive analytics utilizes this historical data to predict future events or otherwise unknown events. Predictive analytics involves variety of statistical techniques such as modeling, machine learning, and data mining to enable organizations use big data (both stored and real-time) and move to a progressive path for customer.

In business, predictive models determine patterns found in historical and…

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Apple iOS 9: Small Changes for Big Impact

Last week Apple unveiled iOS 9 its operating system for iPhone and iPad at WWDC. One of the key takeaways in this update is that Apple has focused on enhancing its existing features rather than introducing new ones. The public beta will be available in July, followed by a launch this fall.

Here are the important features that improve user experience significantly

Siri gets smarter and proactive


Image Credit: Apple.com

Siri, predictive personal assistant feature gets better than ever. You can ask Siri to search through your photos and videos based on dates, locations, and titles of albums. Simply tell Siri “Show me photos from my trip to Florida in June” and…

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E3 Conference 2015: Microsoft’s Future-Centric Approach to Gaming Revealed

Microsoft made several announcements at E3 2015, its annual press conference. The tech giant used this event to showcase more than 20 titles for the Xbox One and Windows 10 platform, as well as make strategic announcements about backwards comparability, new partnerships and an access program for Xbox One games. Microsoft also provided information on how HoloLens will work in games like Minecraft.

Image Credit: gamecrate.com

Most of the announcements and demos were big, highly anticipated and fan-friendly. Microsoft maintained safe distance from topics like Xbox apps and the Kinect. Well, do you remember Kinect in the first place?

Here are the top announcements at E3 Conference

Backwards Compatibility

Microsoft was indifferent towards the…

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Project Jacquard: Google’s Futuristic Innovation in ‘Connected’ Apparel

We all are getting familiar to buzzwords like Connected Living and Connected World – thanks to the growing dominance of the Internet of Things. However post Google I/O 2015, the world is introduced to one of the most revolutionary concept – Connected Apparels! Presented as Project Jacquard by Google ATAP (Advanced Technologies and Projects) team, this innovation is set to create new landmark in wearable technology.


Project Jacquard – The Concept

Project Jacquard is an innovative concept by Google that involves transforming everyday objects such as clothes and furniture into interactive surfaces by weaving touch and gesture interactivity into any textile – using standard, industrial looms. Likely inspired from the Jacquard weaving…

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