Facebook’s F8 Announcements – What it means for you!

Finally, the wait for the much-awaited event – F8: Facebook Developer Conference is over. On March 25 and 26, 2015 at Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA; Mark Zuckerberg announced new features and updates to Facebook platform. After successful reign of 11 years in the social media circuit, the Facebook platform strives to be more than just a single app. In fact, the social network sees strength as an interconnected clan of experiences – acquired, developed in-house and tapped in from outside.

Mark Zuckerberg Announcing Facebook F8 Event

Some of the highlights of the event includes the social networking major opening up the Facebook Messenger platform for developers to add more functionalities to it, besides…

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App Approval Process Now Mandatory for Google Play – What it means for Android Developers!

Google finally does an Apple! Android developers now have to go through the app approval process to showcase their Android applications in the Google Play Store. As most of you are aware, Google previously did not have an approval process for the induction of new apps. The applications were reviewed only if they were reported for violating the policies.

Well, as per Google’s new Play Store policies, beginning May 2015, Androids app will not be published in Google Play Store until it is approved by Google. Google has also confirmed via its developer blog that…

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Can ResearchKit Be A Game-Changer In The Healthcare Industry?

Apple ResearchKit Banner

Medical researchers require a lot of data to make some life-changing discoveries. They also need robust data to determine individualized treatments for patients. Apple stepped up to support health innovation with ResearchKit platform, which allows the medical researchers to create apps that utilize the features of iPhone and gather different types of information no matter what part of the world they live in. Doctors and medical practitioners can obtain the patients’ data more easily than ever before.

You’ve got an iPhone – Now, use it as a powerful healthcare tool

If you’ve an…

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Hidden Brains Enterprise Solution Driving Business Opportunities in Nigeria

Social Media Week 2015 at Lagos - Banner
Nigeria located in West Africa, now joins the list of the 20 fastest growing economies in the world in 2015 – with economy projected to grow at 4.9 percent, according to a report recently published by Bloomberg. What makes Nigeria all the more lucrative for doing business is the potential the market holds as one of the largest free market economies in the African continent. Its 4 metropolitan cities – Lagos, Abuja, Kano and Port Harcourt Nigeria form the heart of economic activities.

Hidden Brains Infotech cherishes its long and strong business relationship with Nigeria. Our portfolio of retail, e-commerce and financial web and…

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Hidden Brains Applauds the Success of Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Show’15

The curtains finally came down for the 7th Edition of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit (VGGIS) on 13th January 2015. The international event that kick started with the Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Show’15 (VGGTS) on 7th January, 2015 offered an unique platform for the Government of Gujarat to showcase the strengths, progressive outlook, liberal initiatives taken to improve governance, investor-friendly environment, including art and culture of Gujarat.
Vibrant Gujarat 2015 Banner
The global event that saw the participation of more than 100 nations comprising of more than 2500 international delegates, including the corporate honchos of India delivered as per the aspirations of people – CREATE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. And this can be reflected in corporates from India…

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