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People everywhere celebrated Holi – an annual Hindu festival of colors to mark the beginning of spring and the triumph of good over evil. Apart from the mythological twist of the story of evil Holika and Prahlad to the endless and eternal love between Sri Krishna and Radha, Holi is about celebrating the spirit of life.

Hidden Brains Holi Celebration 2014

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Like every year, Hidden Brains celebrated Holi in the office premises with great excitement to mark the festival which heralds the onset of spring in all its vibrant colours. It was all about spreading the joy, love and happiness….

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Zuckerberg Grows. Again!

Technological advances and communications have always gone hand-in-hand. In this era, where smartphones and messaging services have transformed into the list of necessities of life, the world has literally shrunken in size.

Among all the ways of virtual communication, text messages or SMS became very popular due to its convenience but it comes with a price! However, the current trend of texting – WhatsApp, enables users to exchange unlimited multimedia messages at no cost.

facebook acquires whatsapp

In just five years, WhatsApp has built a communication service that supports over 400 million monthly active users worldwide and 320+ million daily active users. Whatsapp has 70% active users, a number even more than the social networking giant…

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Team Hidden Brains brings the ICL-3 home!

The Infostretch Cricket League or as popularly known as ICL has just entered its third season. Already a hit among many sports lovers, ICL brings all the IT companies on a single platform. After receiving an overwhelming response from the last year ICL II – 2013, this year the Infoneers have organized the corporate cricket tournament, ICL III – 2014.

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Hidden Brains Cricket Team won the Quarter Finals and Semi Finals matches against the winning team of ICL – I. Winning over it was a tough competition, however, with outstanding performance, Hidden Brains secured their position in the Finals leading with 88 runs. The much…

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Emerging IT trends to make a difference in the next five years

The announcement of salvage from the slump of IT industry has indulged many companies to portray the facts in their writings. The growing pace of technology in mutation of various businesses has also driven attention of most of the IT corporates. Though, some facts are still leftover in their expressed terms.

There are number of ground realities to be considered before initiation -

  • The torrid clip of extrinsic novelty
  • Consumers preferring enterprise IT solutions
  • Rising limitations due to the problem that began at the highest conceptual level

Subsequently, the void between what technologies are executing and what the enterprises can deliver is expanding. As a result, currently it seems that the strength of technology is utilized in the…

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A step towards serving Healthcare Industry – Hidden Brains participated in OSSICON 2014

Hidden Brains participated in the Obesity & Metabolic Surgery Society of India Conference 2014 (OSSICON 2014) held at Ahmedabad, India from 30th Jan to 1st Feb.

We exhibited our smart software solution – Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) during the conference. A complete eco-friendly software that serves all stakeholders such as doctors, patients, staff etc. We developed it, with a view to make hospital management automated and digitized system from managing rigorous paperworks.

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With an industry experience of over a decade, Hidden Brains have dealt with 1,920+ customers worldwide. Our strength of exceptionally talented professionals created over 700 mobile and 3,350 web solutions and applications. Headquartered in Ahmedabad,…

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