Taxi Hailing Apps Development: Here’s what you need to Know


Taxi hailing services have gained instant popularity among today’s mobile savvy millennial generation. Running late for crucial meeting, stuck in a jam, or you simply want to avoid hunting for parking space during peak hours, all the problems get solved with a matter of few taps...

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Utility of Travel Apps: Why do People Prefer Travel Apps over Websites?


Gone are the days when people used to spend hours sticking to their desktops or laptops to plan a trip outdoors. We are living in a mobile world where anything to everything is now made available to audience at their fingertips.

Mobile app development services provider...

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Wearable Technology & VR: Redefining the Sports Industry


Human beings are driven by the desire to stay connected and access information from each and every hub point. Imagine the power of a connected world and the ability to process more data than before. The number of connected devices has touched to 15 billion networked...

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Google and Facebook Take Steps to Curb Fake News Sites


Ever since the U.S. presidential results have been out, two of the biggest technology giants are battling with criticism over how fake news might have influenced the presidential election’s outcome. The mounting criticism forced Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg to take over the social network’s website...

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Experience Faster Loading of Responsive Websites with Accelerated Mobile Pages


Imagine you are trying to reach out to a website and it is more than 3 seconds and you are still waiting for it to open? Would you like to wait more? Or you would go back and hit some other website that offers similar content...

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